We are now looking for more work from home Brand Ambassadors to promote excellent value products and services around the world.

As Umbrellarz has researched 1000’s of work from home companies and have VETTED and APPROVED just THREE companies we are happy to promote on a global scale. To potentially see these becoming the next personal and business GLOBAL BRANDS as household names…

Just imagine for a moment of having an abundance of time and money. To be able to make a real difference especially in the lives of your family, your friends and your local community.

Our aim is for you to have more freedom to do all those things you already love to do, encouraged and supported by the real people in our Umbrellarz Community, using the latest ethical AI technology and automated marketing systems.

It pays to join Umbrellarz as we offer a free simple step-by-step online training programme to help you succeed. You can get started on a part-time flexible basis with any hours you can do around your current job, home or family life.

If you are passionate to learn and grow but do not have sufficient funds available. We can help you get started for free while you are learning.

No Experience Necessary. No Quallifications Required. Just a willingness to learn. Full Training Given.

We are all here to encourage anyone and everyone who truly cares about the success of others more than themselves so we can all WIN!

By the end of 2023 we hope to have established many local meeting places all over the world sharing our hopes, our dreams, and testimonies about how our promotional brands are providing real value products to real people in their personal and professional lives, making all our dreams a reality!

Even our Application Form is different. As we welcome all to apply for our full-time or part-time vacancies.

Umbrellarz Application Form

    Enter Your Country


    Ideally how much income per month would be enough to pay all your bills and have more than enough left over to bless your family, friends, community and / or charity?

    Select Your Preferred Currency...

    1. If today was the day "You Can Afford It" what would you buy first and list all the reasons why?

    2. What are all the positive reasons why you want all the above? As positive motives cause positive Motivation!

    3. What would all the above do for you?

    4. What one thing would this ultimately give you?

    5. What would having all this ultimately do for your family, friends, community, and the charity you like?

    6. What value are you prepared to give (Time, Money, Effort, Study, Resources...)

    7. List Six actions you could do today towards this outcome...

    8. What is the ONE most important task you WILL do right now?

    9. To create a sense of urgency, what would ultimately happen if you never did this!

    10. What do you hope to see yourself achieve as an Umbrellarz Brand Ambassador?

    To enable us to legally pay you we need your full name...

    And best email address...

    We also need your full international phone number to confirm your identity...

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    NOTE: We will never share the above data outside of Umbrellarz Limited.

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