Passion. People. Planet. Profit.

How come Umbrellarz is not OPEN for business yet in their FIRST physical shop located in Weymouth, or globally through this website?

Stuart Clark Managing Director / CEO of Umbrellarz Limited and their team share in one vision. We are compassionately passionate towards people and our planet light-years before profit from any products and services we promote.

Don’t get us wrong we like profit and enjoy the benefits of many global brands. However, we just love people and our planet more.

Sometimes we just need a spark!

We believe and accept you are likely to be from a different country and culture with your own God-given values, beliefs, gifts and talents. We also have a deep down desire to be accepted in a fun-loving global community. Working together, we feel we can make a positive difference in our own lives so we become strong enough to help, serve and encourage others with a small spark of inspiration for others to shine too.

First we want to help you overcome or stop any PAIN you may be going through at this time by changing the focus from the biggest PROBLEM to prayerfully seeking the simplest of practical SOLUTIONS.

Moving on from this but secure under one umbrella we want to help provide all the resources necessary for you to satisfy every NEED you may have and for your deep down God-given DESIRE be truly set on fire.

Of course it would be foolish and is illegal for us to make any health or financial claims as results with each individual can vary. However, it may be just what you have been seeking for all this time.

So if you want to be a part of an amazing community well before the launch of Umbrellarz we recommend you click this banner below and become an independent member like us, of Heal Worldwide. However, if you want to wait until Umbrellarz officially opens before you take a look, that’s cool too.

Real soon you will be able to browse thousands of the best global brands with a guaranteed price match in our local shop and online store. We’ll have something just for you…

Choose from 1000’s of beauty and grooming products like…

1 Million * Lady Million * Alien Perfume * Jimmy Choo Perfume * Marc Jacobs Daisy * Gucci Guilty * Creed Aftershave * Jo Malone Perfume * Ariana Grande Perfume * Tom Ford Black Orchid * Armani Code * Victoria’s Secret Perfume and many more…

Recruiting Now!

Have you ever helped anyone find a gift, product or service either online or offline they really appreciated?

We are looking for a team of researchers to work online any where in the world, or here in our WebShop in Weymouth to find solutions for every Umbrellarz visitor. Our belief is “If it’s out there we will find it”. We pay £10 an hour for your precious time and a bonus for every satisfied customer. Please be positive and patient as we will not open until everything is ready!

Umbrellarz Recruiting Now

Like us, if you have a passion to serve people before profit (Don’t get us wrong we like profit we just love people more) and a willingness to learn. Send your cv and a covering letter to:

Oh! Last but by no means least, please let us know of any local, national, or international charities you support and why you are so passionate about supporting them as we love being cheerful and generous givers too.