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The Umbrellarz team are now promoting and recruiting for a real global AI (Artificial Intelligence) company that provides everything you need to run a business from home or your phone. Actually, anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

This revolutionary solution provides:

  • A simple to use app
  • Breakthrough tools
  • Never-been-seen AI technology
  • Guaranteed highly targeted visitors
  • Filters all of your marketing
  • Converts contacts to customers
  • Completes orders and sales for you
  • Provides a built-in passive income
  • Suitable for any type of business
  • Use for multiple businesses
  • Ability to add multiple income streams
  • Rewards you for sharing with others
  • All done for you automatically!

Next Generation of Lead Generation

If you already have a business this platform will passionately promote your brand because it works for you. Providing fresh highly targeted lead generation to your companies website or lead funnels. If you currently work from home promoting your business online this will help you to succeed. This platform will give you more sales using the built-in AI Technology. This works well too with affiliate marketing programs and provides more MLM leads to your Network Marketing Business Opportunity. Providing automated lead generation to your product or service in any niche. This will give you more time with your valued customers, clients or team members. Plus, you will be receiving an extra passive income too.

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