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if you had a messaging App like WhatsApp or Telegram that paid you every day for using it & sharing it!

Now imagine if those daily rewards represented your ownership in the success of the company!

WhatsApp sold to Facebook for $19 Billion

DropBox file sharing service is valued at $10 Billion

Zoom video conferencing is valued at $98 Billion

“Did you ever get paid for using or sharing them?”

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Messaging App Security

  • More & more people are becoming concerned about who else is listening when using these Apps
  • How many times have you talked about something and then start seeing ads for it?
  • Who else has access to your messages, conversations & images?
  • Is your data safe, or are you the product?

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Introducing PunkPanda

The world’s 1st secure messaging app, that pays you to use it & share it!

It’s totally free & rewards you PunkPanda multiple times a day!

Military grade encryption protocols protect your personal privacy & data security

The more you use it and share it, the more company tokens you will earn!

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Earn PunkPanda Tokens

A smart-contract mints New tokens every 30 mins

Use the App > Earn Tokens

Share the App > Earn Tokens

Hold the Tokens in the App/Farm > Earn Tokens

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PunkPanda Token

  • 275 Million PunkPanda Tokens Max Supply
  • Token Listing Symbol – PPM
  • Starting at 0.10 to 1.00 USD during pre-sale Earn PunkPanda Tokens – from your phone!
  • Earn via Proof of Stake, Proof of Panda-Pals (Requires little to no energy for mining)
  • Supply schedule to be minted over 15 years
  • Like Bitcoin, PunkPanda will have a regular “halving schedule” at year 2, 4 & 8

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Token Allocation

Total Supply 275,000,000 = Pre-Mined Tokens 65,000,000 + 15yrs Mining 210,000,000

Incubator 25,000,000

  • Token pre-sale
  • Marketing, Airdrops & Promo’s, PandaPal sharing rewards
  • Liquidity Pools

Founders & Team 32,000,000

Founding Contributor  8,000,000

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4 Phase Mining Schedule

4 Mining PhasesPPM TOKEN Allocation Per BlockBlock Time50% to PandaPal23% to Panda Token Holders “App”12% to Panda Token Holders “Farm”15% Development
1 Year210030 Min1050485250315
2 Year105020 Min525242.5125157.5
4 Year525 15 Min262.5121.2562.5078.75
8 Year112.6210 Min56.3125.9013.5116.89
  • Simply open your wallet to see fresh PPM Tokens being earned every 30 minutes, no requirements.
  • The more Panda-Pals in your circle (yourself and friends that you invited to download the App). The more you and your Panda-Pal circle use the app; the higher the rewards will be!

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PunkPanda Big Data Value

Valuation $18 Billion or more within 4yrs ?1 Million Registrations within 1 Year ?Free services with a small % paying for services ?Customers given shares for using & sharing services ?All time high valuation or sold out for?
ZoomZoomZoomZoomATH $98 Billion
ViberViberViberViberATH $24 Billion
DropboxDropboxDropboxDropboxATH $22 Billion
WhatsAppWhatsAppWhatsAppWhatsAppSold for $19 Billion

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PunkPanda Token (PPM)

PunkPanda Token PPM is a Utility Token with its value supported by the Panda Products:

  • Encrypted PandaPro Messaging App
  • Encrypted PandaPost File Sharing
  • Encrypted PandaMeet Video Conferencing
  • Encrypted PandaVault Storage
  • Digital Crypto Wallet
  • PandaPlay Video Gaming
  • NFT marketplace
  • DeFi Lending
  • Panda GIF’s & Stickers

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PandaApp is a military grade encrypted communication app created with the primary goal of protecting you and your content

Peer-to-peer communications via

  • Encrypted Instant Messaging
  • Encrypted Voice & Video Calls
  • Encrypted File Transfer

Cool PandaApp feature

  • Hide or Zap your content
  • Read messages without sender knowing
  • Send Mega File Transfers (15-20 minute video)
  • Low, medium or high quality file share settings
  • Fun Panda Stickers & GIF’s

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PandaPro (Use tokens to upgrade to VIP)

A subscription upgrade which includes all PandaApp features plus VIP services

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PandaPost is a secure file transfer service allowing privacy & control over your content

Cool PandaPost features

  • Encrypted file transfer service
  • Can only be opened by the intended receiver
  • Online tracking & radar
  • Terms & conditions accepted at every opening
  • Terminate function even after content has been sent
  • No discernible payload size

Technical Treat

Cryptographic private & public keys are allocated to the content creator & designated recipient to allow exclusive viewing or downloading of shared content

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PandaMeet offers a user-friendly video conferencing facility that protects your privacy during meetings. (Coming 2022)

Cool PandaMeet features

  • Unlimited meeting times
  • Peer to Peer and end-to-end encryption
  • Up to 25 users to maintain privacy and control
  • Native iOS & Android meeting App
  • Sync contacts without giving access to a third party
  • Linking to your device calendar
  • Moderator access to manage the meeting room
  • Reminders sent to all meeting participants
  • Access to the service using just your mobile number                                                                                           

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PandaVault is a decentralized storage protocol which adheres to the “one owner , one key” principle ensuring only you can access your personal data (Coming 2022)

Cool PandaVault features

  • All files are encrypted in transit and at rest
  • On demand scalability & inbuilt network redundancy
  • File fragmentation / shattered glass protocols
  • Each fragment is encrypted using public / private keys
  • In transit hashing of initial & encrypted payload
  • Store files in one territory or many                                                      

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  • Secure digital wallet
  • DeFi (Decentralized Finance) allows you to lend your cryptocurrency
  • You can earn exciting profits & interest from our liquidity pools & Defi farm
  • Earn profits from staking your PunkPanda tokens.

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  • Our fun PunkPanda game will provide a perfect “play to earn” opportunity for gamers (Coming 2022)
  • PandaPlay NFT marketplace will allow users to buy & sell in-game digital items
  • The NFT market globally has exploded to US$2.5 Billion in the first half of 2021
  • The global online gaming industry in 2020 was valued at US$130 Billion

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Case Study #1 : User Acquisition Strategy

  • WhatsApp – created in Feb 2009
  • Originally free then charged a small annual fee
  • By Feb 2014 had acquired over 400M users
  • In 2014 Sold to Facebook for $1 9Billion
  • Offers end-to-end encryption however both founders left the company in 2016 due to concerns of data-sharing with the parent company
  • Now used in 100 countries by 2.5 Billion people
  • In 2020 estimated revenue was $5.5 Billion

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Case Study #2 : Earn Crypto Strategy

Pi Network – Created March in 2019

Users download for free then start mining / receiving Pi Coins daily to their mobile phone

Within 2 years had over 25 Million users

Currently zero usable products / services

Currently no listing date for the Pi token

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Case Study #3 : Freemium Revenue Strategy

  • Dropbox – Founded in 2007
  • Offer a “freemium business model” a free service, with paid subscriptions available
  • As of 2021 has 700M users, with paid users at 15.5M (2.2%)
  • Company valuation is now over $10Billion
  • 2020 the average paying member spent $128.50
  • Dropbox continues to experienced security breaches and privacy concerns
  • Despite this, 2021 revenue grew 8% to $2Billion

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PunkPanda Roadmap

Q4 2021 PandaApp with Messaging, Calls & Mega File Transfer (15 – 20m videos)

Q4 2021 PandaPro – PandaPost File Share Service, Panda GIFs & Stickers
Q4 2021 Private Token Pre-Sale 0.10 – $1

Q1 2022 PandaPlay – Super NFT Game, Play to Earn!

Q1 2022 PunkPanda Token (PPM) Listing $1.00+

Q1 2022 Defi / Staking offers

Q2 2022 PandaPro 2.0 – PandaMeet Video Conferencing App

Q4 2022 PandaVault

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Get Started With PunkPanda Today!

  • Download the free App & start earning PunkPanda Tokens
  • Share the App with your friends and earn more Tokens
  • Hold the Tokens and watch the value grow as the company grows!
  • Be part of history!

Remember this Code 24661400

For more information, visit our website www.punkpandafarm.com

PunkPanda FAQ’s

How will the PunkPanda Token (PPM) hold or increase its value?

  • Minting & Half Lives – PPM Token is Mined over a 15 Year Period with 3 Halve lives, each half-life will lower supply & increase demand. With a mined token, there is no way to over saturate the supply as it is pre-written into the smart contract and unable to be altered.
  • The 48 Hour Rule – was implemented to highly incentivize & reward members for holding tokens instead of withdrawing. A withdrawal of any amount will require the forfeiture of rewards for 48 hours.
  • DeFi & Staking – The punkpandafarm.com website was set up as another alternative for members to earn rewards or interest from DeFi staking instead of selling. The more PPM that is staked for 3 months to 2 Years is less PPM will be in circulation.
  • Company Buy Back – The revenue sharing program not only includes giving back to the community that have had significant contributions to the PUNKPANDA movement; it also includes that 3% of all revenue collected will be used to buy back PPM tokens of the market, further reducing the supply in circulation.
  • Token lock & withdraw limits – All Founders, Ambassador Founders, Contributors & Presale purchasers have their tokens locked for a period, followed by a conservative withdrawal limit in the mount of PPM Tokens that can be withdrawn monthly.
  • Utility Token – Finally; PPM is a utility token that can be used immediately for products that people are already using. PandaPost, Stickers, PandaPlay, PandaMeet, PandaVault.

Punk Panda Links

Official PunkPanda Links https://compiled.social/punk

PunkPanda Telegram Group [English] https://t.me/PunkPandaCommunity

PunkPanda NEWS Telegram Channel https://t.me/punkPunk

Panda App Token Presale Website / Back office PunkPandaFarm.com

Check your PandaPals via https://punkpanda.io/pandapals/signin

PunkPanda 2 min Intro Video https://youtu.be/fVUo0pBXHdA

PunkPanda White Paper 2.0 [ENG] https://bit.ly/2XQTbsE 

PunkPanda Presale 1.3 [English] https://bit.ly/3pEMAgk

PunkPanda Presentation 1.0 [Indonesian] https://bit.ly/3EztTyN 

PunkPanda Presentation 1.0 [Mandarin] https://bit.ly/3nLk0HI

PunkPanda Presentation 1.0 [Russian] https://bit.ly/3Bjv9nO

PunkPanda Presentation 2.0 [Spanish] https://bit.ly/3E1Ixiv

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