It pays to join Umbrellarz…WHY?

My name is Stuart Clark CEO of Umbrellarz Ltd and currently live in the UK

I have an amazing daily relationship with GOD as a Christian… and am here to tell you He is AWESOME! If you don’t believe me then keep searching until you do! Your eternal life depends on it! starting today… Read more…

I am a former police officer and let the police with an exemplary certificate of service.

I believe my honesty and integrity are my highest values which means I choose to do the RIGHT thing even if the world seems against me.

As doing the WRONG thing is never right even if the whole world does it… (No I do not even have a chipped Amazon Fire Stick!)

NO I’M NOT PERFECT…. but I’m heading in the right direction… (most of the time!) I’m OK with not being perfect because I know a man who is… Thanks Jesus!

Reply… “Thanks for saying thanks Stuart!”

Because if I can be TRUSTED doing little things in life when promotion comes I can be trusted with the big things…

Because how you do anything is how you do everything! Right?

I now believe the LORD has been preparing me over many years to be in BUSINESS… but different than the WORLD SYSTEM to date.

I have been called to create a simple step by step SYSTEM where a Homeless, Rich, or Busy person can have a happier and blessed life… making a difference in someon else’s life!


Are you a like a HOMELESS PERSON who does not want to be homeless anymore (like I was) because if you are still breathing I pray you can see you are more than able to be of VALUE to at least SOMEONE else, even in a small way… as this could make their day!


Or a BUSY PERSON working hard all day long with NO TIME for family, friends, time out, doing those things you know you would love to do… Especially if it’s helping others.

Having a SINGLE source of INCOME is RISKY… unless that’s your calling… Of course… as my LORD provides all my needs…

And it’s also said if you DON’T WORK you will NOT EAT… and no being dependant on government benefits LIMITS us… It’s not the BEST for us, but can help for a season to get back on your own to feet and START MOVING FORWARD AGAIN.

With this being said… What OPTIONS do YOU HAVE?

1, Employed… Yes it’s good training…or to be employed as a stepping stone for something bigger and better… If you want promotion stop complaining with everyone else and be the BEST EMPLOYER you can be. Take OWNERSHIP… Take RESPONSIBILTY… Be the BEST!

2. Self Employed… Yes this gives you the opportunity to work as your own boss and to manage your time around your other commitments… but if you stop working you stop being paid!

3. Investing… The best investment I have found is in the bible… as almost every self-help book is a counterfeit to the ORIGINAL… and if you read, study and ponder on His words… You will get to meet the author PERSONALLY.

4. Business Owner… or better still Multiple businesses… as this can create MULTIPLE SOURCES of INCOME… but the risks are high with a near impossible success rate…

It pays to join Umbrellarz… HOW?

If you haven’t already I strongly recommend you complete our unique application form because if you do not know where you are going… How then will you ever know when you get to the position of living your GOD-GIVEN DREAMS…

As KNOWING what POSITIVE OUTCOME YOU TRULY DESIRE will help uncover answers to the following questions…

What resources do I need?

What team do I need around me to challenge me, to encourage me… for the BEST possibility of SUCCESS and the success of those around me…

It pays to join Umbrellarz… NOW?

Take a look at our home page afresh… JOIN EVERY COMPANY FOR FREE…

And message me to help you get started

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