Work from Home Problem


Work from Home: The problem

Are you fed up of ‘Work from Home Jobs’ not revealing what they are selling or feeling under pressure to recruit your friends and family.

Stuart Clark a former Civil Servant, and now the Managing Director of Umbrellarz Limited and his team have researched many home-based business opportunities. They found the majority to be MLM scams and even worse Illegal pyramid schemes.

What is shocking that credible statistics claim that the majority who start a business from home do not make any money, lose money or make people who are in desperate circumstances further in debt. This needs to change!

Work from Home: Solution

Many schemes put their passion for profit before people. However, Umbrellarz mission statement is: Passion. People. Planet. Profit.

Become a brand ambassador

Don’t get us wrong our team likes profit, but we love people and our planet more.

We believe everyone has a passion to do something they would love to do that will get them up early and want to stay up late. To feel like being a child just before a special day, but to feel like this every day.

It is the passion of the Umbrellarz team for everyone to succeed according to what success means to each and every individual. You may need more support to help care for a loved one. Or to be able to work around the needs of your children. Some may want to escape a job, and a few of you dream of more time freedom to pursue a passion that may have been dormant for years!

Become a Freelance Brand Ambassador Today!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Umbrellarz are offering this to our global Brand Ambassador community, as we are continuously planning and preparing the success of EVERY member of our team.

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