What is Onpassive?

What is the difference between GoFounders and ONPASSIVE?

I understand many still think GoFounders ONPASSIVE as just another one of those thousands of revamped marketing platforms that do not work unless we work… however nothing can be further from the truth.

GoFounders was set up in 2018 to personally invite Founders to position themselves in the biggest company on the planet with now over 500,000 active founders (dated 19th February 2020) paying their $97 to be a HAPPY, POSITIVE, and PATIENT FOUNDER before the ONPASSIVE LAUNCH DATE to the world in the second quarter of 2021!

This 12 minute video recorded in November 2020 explains “What is Onpassive?

Watch this SHORT 12 minute Video about ONPASSIVE…


There is delay due to CEO Ash Mufareh insisting ONPASSIVE will launch when it is the BEST possible conditions when everything is RIGHT and READY with the soft-launch expected to be in March and FULL LAUNCH before the end of June 2021.

Ash Mufareh the CEO of ONPASSIVE is in the position to see this as a legacy company…

As he wants to pass on SOMETHING he and his children can be really proud of…

In 12 months time EVERY FOUNDER will understand it was WORTH the wait!

Stuart Clark CEO Umbrellarz Ltd

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