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Are You a Super.One

The technological advances of blockchain and use of crypto tokens enable completely new business models to emerge.

At the powerful crossroad of crypto tech, mobile gaming and networking, SuperOne has been created as the perfect solution to fill this incredibly potent point.

SuperOne is the very first solution of its kind. It is the world’s first decentralised platform to unify crypto gaming, networking and direct ownership via blockchain innovation.

Capitalising on the massive global gaming market while also transforming networking business to the better, SuperOne stands apart as a fresh new strategic and innovative approach.

Equipped with steadfast, generous rewards and a leading ownership model, we open your doors to the future today.

Welcome to delightful innovation.

Be in the Super.One Vision…

SuperOne is a concept you can own in part.

Utilising a new tokenised business model, SuperOne is is changing how you can directly participate and own a part of the action.

Purchase tokens during SuperOne’s enhanced token sale and achieve direct ownership of the platform itself. As a result, you will receive continuous game profit payouts.

Game profit payouts will accrue and be sent in increments to your designated wallet address, resulting in frequent, immediate and free payouts at your convenience.

Your direct ownership is governed by immutable Ethereum smart contracts to provide a new, transparent, easily transferable modern form of stakeholder participation.

Imagine owning a piece of one of history’s pivotal technological innovations – well now you can.

Welcome as a SuperOne stakeholder!

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Instant Wallet Rewards…

As you can imagine, there are incredible benefits to a business model that’s as innovative as it is rewarding.

Players enjoy direct ownership and instant wallet and network rewards.

SuperOne is responsible for a transformative, progressive mobile gaming concept. Every bit of our valued intelligence has been channelled into the innovative bidding algorithms behind SuperOne’s gameplay and platform operation. SuperOne dedicates a significant focus to rewards handling, involving bespoke conceptualisation and cultivation of short- and long-term rewards. Users are rewarded for referring others, and dedicated tokens unlock sizeable system rewards.

Utilising the power of recommendations and networking, SuperOne aims to create an unprecedented stakeholder crowd, and in the process, elevate networking business into a new era. The beauty of SuperOne is in its simplicity. The world wants to connect over crypto and gaming. Nobody provides this like we do – and you can play your part from the very start.

Welcome to the benefits today!

Leave the Past. Embrace the Future!

There is a stigma surrounding networking models due to historic exploited systems. No more!

SuperOne not only provides an exhilarating, profitable experience but looks to quell old qualms about networking with a modern, transparent blockchain based network. With its novel token sale, SuperOne is establishing an irrefutably sustainable business model, incredibly sized network, and enforced damage limiting levels for proper issue anticipation and prevention. Our concept is proven at the very apex between the lucrative mobile gaming and crypto realms as a highly-managed solution to elucidate crypto complexities to the widest global audience.

SuperOne is the ender to networking scams, eliminating possibility of corruption with a fully decentralised business model and smart contract layup. We also eradicate risk and guarantee legality with a zero fee, zero recruitment and zero middlemen promise.

These are the elements that tarnished networking approaches of old. SuperOne is proud to present the transparent future network concept. Scam artists watch out!

Welcome to the new benchmark in networking…

Real Potential with Low to No-Risk

Ask any expert forecaster tuned into the mobile, technology and crypto industries – they will tell there is a change in the direction of the wind.

An emerging transition of markets toward decentralised gaming apps, and integration of crypto rewards within these apps. Combine this with a new, large scale solution to easily enable global stakeholders, and you will understand how traditional structures will soon be obsolete.

Imagine being there when history is rewritten and the rip-roaring worlds of crypto and mobile gaming combine seamlessly for the first time. Now is your chance!

The future of crypto gaming is coming. And SuperOne has just arrived.

Welcome to The Future Today…

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