How to Create Your Free SuperOne Account

Step 2: Choose Email Or Phone Registration

The process for both, phone or email registration is very similar:
1. Select your country
2. Enter your phone or email address
3. Check your phone/email and look for verification code

Attention: For Phone Registrations, in case you are not receiving the SMS Code, simply click on the “Click here and we call you” text, situated under the “Sign Up” button.

Step 3: Set Up Your New Account

A) Enter your name and create your password.
B) Setup your Pincode (lock password) It will ask you to confirm your Pincode
C) Connect Your Email (You can click on “SKIP” at the bottom)

A) For convenience, “Allow” FaceID and Fingerprint if you want.

Congratulations You Are In!

Now you are ready to receive the MAXIMUM SuperOne Credits and Tokens you can!