Chanel’s Success with SuperOne

Hi I’m Chanel from South Africa, I have watched ALL these videos all the way through and completed the following steps.

We always recommend watching these again without any distractions when you can, as they answered most of my questions.

I am so excited the SuperOne Game App will launch soon as I have received hundreds of game credits and hundreds of free tokens which makes me feel that I am valued within the SuperOne community especially with the support of Team Umbrellarz.

I’m glad I took the huge step of faith and joined with a 500 package, because any income I receive from helping others do the same, is a very nice bonus!

STEP ONE: Watch These Videos…

SuperOne Game App Launching Soon…

SuperOne The Business Overview…

SuperOne Compensation Plan Overview

SuperOne FULL Business Presentation

NOTE: Since this Video the company has decided to use a mobile phone number and email rather than depend on a third party login procedures like Facebook and WhatsApp. Since April 2020 the app has had a MAJOR development and the NEW Business App was launched at the beginning of August 2020 with approx 20,000 members in over 200 countries. The game is planned to launch when we reach 100,000 members which is anticipated to happen during September or October 2020. So the opportunity to be in at the start is huge! Enjoy!

“If I can do this, I can help you do this too!”

Step Two

Download the SuperOne App using my referral link so I can support you with any questions or concerns you have going forward using Contact Us

If I do not know the answer I have direct contact with Team Umbrellarz who will provide you with answers and support so we can all learn and succeed together… (Please be a little patient due to timezones but you will always receive a response the same day! Thank you.)

Step Three

Step Four

Please send a message to me through Contact Us so I can help and support you and have a page created for you like this one, if you want…

All the best! Enjoy!

Kind regards 

Brand Ambassador Umbrellarz (South Africa) Ltd

P.S. Any questions or concerns just ask. Contact Us

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